The Invisible Grail

John Simmons


All brands want to be loved. Creating that positive emotional connection between product and audience is brand management's holy grail. But not all brands achieve this goal. And perhaps the ones that most want to be loved are the ones that fall short of finding affection. What are these brands missing? How can they bring themselves closer to their customers and their own people? How can they reveal the grail? "The Invisible Grail" argues that the secret to unearthing this ultimate prize already exists within most businesses. But it lies hidden. Beaten down by the continued over-emphasis on visual impact. The answer lies within the power of the brand's verbal identity - the words and stories that are used to represent what the brand stands for. What is verbal identity? And where can it be found, lurking, hidden from view? "The Invisible Grail" answers those questions by taking the reader on a quest that explores the extraordinary but neglected power of language to bring brands and their audiences into more rewarding relationships.
Language English
ISBN-10 1-58799-156-X
No of pages 224
Book Publisher Texere
Published Date 30 Nov -0001

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