The Story Teller Tales From The Arabian Nights

Anushka Ravishankar


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What if your life depended on being able to tell a good story? Scarier, King of Persia, would marry a woman every night only to chop off her head every morning. He had sentenced the beautiful and clever Scherzer to the same fate. Determined to save herself and other women from this gruesome decree, Queen Scherzer began telling him stories one night -- of magic lamps and genies, of fishermen and caliphs, of treasure-caves and strange potions.

Tales so wonderful that the one night turned into 1001.... But what would happen when Scherzer ran out of yarns to spin? This new collection of Tales from the Arabian Nights will make you gasp with wonder and laugh with delight and the magical storyteller Scherzer will keep you spellbound for days.

Language English
ISBN-10 0143331299
ISBN-13 978-0-143-33129-2
No of pages 172
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher puffin
Published Date 21 Feb 2011

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