Parables for the Soul

K. Venkataraman


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At one stage or other in life everyone has felt the need for spiritual support for drawing on the accumulated wisdom of millennia. Parables are an easy way to access that wisdom. All spiritual Masters of the East and the West have used the parable to telling effect as a medieum of their teaching. The globalisation of communciations and the intermingling of cultures has changed the perspectives of the intelligent man and woman.

A missing element in the emerging global village is the recognition of the commonality of matters f spirit and of the benefits of sharing insights to a better life. About Author : Krishnaswamy Venkataraman, Ph.d. has a family background of the Hindu advaitic tradition. He kept up his spiritual reading through long years of national and international service which gae him an exposure to different cultures, religion and school of thought, thus strengthening his conviction that all over the world there are shared insights in matters spiritual.

Contents : Preface Sources Know what you Are Know What the World Is Illusions, Delusions and Discrimination Does Mind Matter What Colour is your Ego The Ultimate Experience One Relaity Many Forms Importance of Being Earnest Several Paths, Same Destination Prayer and Surrender Let Go Balance Act your part

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ISBN-10 9788187075691
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Published Date 02 Jan 2002

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Author : K. Venkataraman


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