The Book Of Intents

Shilpi J. Chawla



An intent is a clear statement of what you choose to receive from the universe and an acknowledgement of its manifestation in your life. It is a declaration of your creative power. Once an intent is set into motion, it aligns with your higher self and what you experience is nothing short of magic. An intent is not a wish, because wishes don't always come true. Even seemingly impossible tasks can be accomplished when backed by the power of an intent. The purpose of this book is to make available to you, your own powerful ability The power of intention. Why read this book helps you create affirmations for better living get rid of anxiety and worry, manifest your desires engage in positive self talk build your self esteem, confidence and belief unleash the power of your true self.

Language English
ISBN-10 9383359390
ISBN-13 978-9383359394
No of pages 136
Book Publisher Embassy Books
Published Date 29 Aug 2014

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Author : Shilpi J. Chawla


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