Corporate Stunts: A Story of My Corporate Life

Navin M. Karmarkar



Corporate Stunts, the story of young and rebellious Nish who joins an organization called ‘Revenge Industries Limited’, totally unaware of the fact that his co-workers have resigned, leaving behind an enormous workload and a single female colleague for him. Later on, more crisp in the situation added when a married guy joins them.

Through various twists and turns an interesting story of compatibility and survival starts between him and his two contradictory team members. On one hand, a strong bond of friendship, fights and team work evolves, while on the other, Nish is ditched by a pretty girl – Kavya, and is left heartbroken. Will Team Revenge help Nish overcome the pain of his failed relationship?

Will Nish and his friends succeed in preparing and executing their 'job escape plan'? Find out more in the book itself.

Language English
ISBN-10 9384027952
ISBN-13 9789384027957
No of pages 254
Book Publisher Leadstart Publishing Private Limited
Published Date 15 May 2014

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Author : Navin M. Karmarkar


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