What We've Lost.

Graydon Carter



Long standing editor of Vanity Fair, and hailed as the King of New York, Graydon Carter has turned his attention from Hollywood's finest to spearheading his own campaign to change the face of America by having George Bush removed as president. Bush is the world's number one environmental terrorist.

In writing WHAT WE HAVE LOST Carter is determined to activate the liberal masses to prevent Bush from a second term as President. Examining the failings of the Bush administration, the book 'is about the fragile state of US democracy, looking at what this administration has done to the environment, the judiciary and civil liberties. It is different from the other books out there. I am not a liberal ideologue; I am very much a libertarian.'

This book will spell out in detail how the Bush administration is dramatically changing America, and by extension, the world. Electing Bush was seen by the world as a mistake. Re-electing will be seen as a hostile act.

Language English
ISBN-10 0316728675
ISBN-13 9780316728676
No of pages 338
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Book Publisher Little, Brown Book Group
Published Date 09 Sep 2004

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