Intelligent Fanatics of India

Rohith Potti , Pooja Bhula





Uncertainty is characteristic of the world we live in. Economies rise and fall, bubbles form and burst, policies change and evolve. The ever-changing business climate gets mirrored in sentiments of participants in the business ecosystem -- swinging between panic and euphoria. Yet during every downturn, we see Intelligent Fanatics emerge. The world’s best business builders, they are antifragile -- they don’t merely survive bad times, but strengthen themselves under stress. Intelligent Fanatics of India studies seven such carefully chosen entrepreneurs from the country. Hailing from diverse backgrounds and industries, the list ranges from private to public companies, first generation visionaries to tycoons of established family businesses, as well as turnarounds. They include Dr. V (Aravind Eye Care), Raghunandan Kamath (Naturals Ice Cream), Hrishikesh Mafatlal (Mafatlal Industries & Nocil), Anita Dongre (House of Anita Dongre), Kochouseph Chittilappilly (V-Guard, Wonderla Holidays, and Veegaland Developers), John Gomes (Furtados India), T.T. Jagannathan (TTK Group renowned for its Prestige Cookers).  The common thread? A pattern of intelligent fanaticism that has allowed them to build businesses that dominate and endure. The book attempts to decode this pattern based on the framework developed in our previous two volumes. While the stories are Indian, the insights can be applied in any part of the world. Whether you are an investor, business owner, aspiring entrepreneur, or interested in biographies of business leaders, this book is for you.


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This book should be on the reading list of all leaders…and they should ensure that their employees also read it.



Intelligent Fanatics of India offers great insights and inspiration about sailing to victory in choppy waters. What sets this collection of biographies apart – including Anita Dongre, Raghunandan Kamath of Naturals, TT Jagannathan of Prestige, John Gomes of Furtados to name some – apart is that the book doesn’t merely harp on success, but also takes you through the failures of some of India’s best business builders as well as mistakes that cost their competitors and contemporaries.

~ New Indian Express


This is a must read for all go-getters! The insight given by breaking down journeys of legendary companies and owners…is a fantastic experience through this book. I appreciate the creative thinking, logical reasoning and business fundas which are a live example through the case studies…The selection of stories are also novel because all have a similarity and yet all are unique…I would still call this a novel and not a self-help book because the tone is fun and spirited.

~ Rittika Karvat, Founder, House of Entrepreneurs


Authors Rohith Potti and Pooja Bhula document the journeys of uniquely successful business houses, built painstakingly over many generations. Their rigorous research about these companies surviving setbacks and turning bankruptcy on its head is what makes it an inspiring read. It is unconventional from the word go as it traces the human side of the intimate stories of setbacks and success of seven business houses. It is enriched with not just numbers and policies but personal history and cultural anecdotes too. With inputs from their employees, vendors and industry experts, this book offers a 360 degree approach to these case studies. The stress is on anti-fragility, the tendency to focus, learn and have the resilience to thrive despite all failures. There are 220 pages that speak to just about anybody: one who is on an entrepreneurial journey with a long term vision, one who wants to be a good leader or just a plain investor looking to catch intelligent fanatics early. Read this if you want to read the opposite of glossy success stories.

~Khushboo Chawla Ramnane, Independent Journalist


Language English
ISBN-10 978-9389147742
ISBN-13 978-9389147742
No of pages 200
Book Publisher Intelligent Fanatics Publication
Published Date 01 Oct 2019
Audio Book Length 07:12:15

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