Fail Big: Fail Your Way to Success And Break All The Rules To Get There

Scott Allan



“Transforming ten million lives, one life at a time.”

Break the chain of failure mindset. It’s time to change the game!

Fail Big is your master blueprint for turning acts of failure into a positive experience that helps you reach success.

Through practical exercises and personal examples, it teaches you how to channel failure into a winning formula for gaining greater confidence in all areas of your life. 

• Break the cycle of Failure Expectation
• Keep a positive attitude during difficult times
• Master the psychology behind failure and build mental toughness
• Reverse negative self-talk with the 7-day anti-criticism challenge
• Transform negative behaviour into positive emotion
• Destroy imposter syndrome and gain limitless confidence in every area of your life

Bestselling author Scott Allan shows you how to turn hopelessness into courage, and helplessness into a call for action. 

Language English
ISBN-13 9789395192293
No of pages 240
Book Publisher Srishti Publishers & Distributors
Published Date 11 Sep 2023

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Author : Scott Allan


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