The Laughing Buddha Book

Suma Varughese



“This book helps you not only to freely look at daily incidents of life lightly, but at the same time frees you to look at life.’’ Swami Sukhabodhananda, founder chairman of Prasanna Trust, in his foreword to the book“If you are looking for subversive humor, plain speaking candor, commonsense spirituality, and unconventional thinking –

the un-Zen of Zen and the Aveda, the emptiness in the heart of enlightenment come on, read through these pages and laugh your head off to Nirvana.’’ Swami Bodh Ananda Saraswathi, founder of Sam Bodh Foundation “Meditation comes easy for those who laugh easy. Sadh guru Jaggy Vasudev, founder of Ishan Foundation


Language English
ISBN-10 8121616522
ISBN-13 9788121616522
No of pages 185
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Life Positive Books
Published Date 01 Jan 2012

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Author : Suma Varughese


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