Copy This!

Paul Orfalea & Ann Marsh


Bill Moyers said this about Paul Orfalea after reading "Copy This!" ""If I could live my life over again, I would sit at his feet and listen to everything he has to say."" And David Brancaccio, host of NOW on PBS, wrote: ""As the host for a decade of a daily business program, I had to read what seemed like every business book published in the English language. It is, therefore, with authority that I can say Paul Orfalea's book is wonderful, heartbreaking, and profoundly useful."" Now in paperback, "Copy This!," Paul Orfale's memoir of turning lemons into lemonade, is wise, personal, funny, unflinchingly honest, and filled with wisdom, business lessons, and his inspired Orfalea Aphorisms. It's the story of how a struggling kid who could barely read, write, or sit still managed to grow a 100-square-foot copy shop named Kinko's into a $1.5 billion empire that Fortune named one of the best places in America to work. And it's the story of an individual who saw his learning disabilities--ADHD and dyslexia--as learning opportunities, which molded the homegrown, compassionate culture that allowed Kinko's to thrive, and guided the behavior of a CEO who had no choice but to think different. A terrifically entertaining read from a born storyteller, but with the hardcore guts of true business acumen, "Copy This!" will blow fresh air into the thinking of any manager, entrepreneur, executive, or business owner.
Language English
ISBN-10 0-7611-3777-7
No of pages 255
Book Publisher Workman
Published Date 30 Nov -0001

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