How To Profit From Next Great Depression

Dr. John L King


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Dr. John L.King a highly respected economics historian,does more than make this chilling prediction. He thoroughly and irrefutably gives the reasons for it in terms that anyone from the concerned layman to the practiced investor can understand.step by step he shows us how the exact same forces that have caused previous great depressions now are at work in unprecedented size and scope. And he explains why neither the government not the private sector has the power to head off catastrophe.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Economic Analysis: The book might provide an analysis of historical depressions and economic downturns, drawing parallels to the current economic climate and predicting a potential future depression.

  2. Investment Strategies: It could offer investment advice and strategies for individuals to protect their assets and even profit during challenging economic times. This might include guidance on asset allocation, alternative investments, or defensive investment approaches.

  3. Risk Management: Addressing strategies to manage financial risks during an economic downturn, including diversification, hedging, and protective measures against market volatility.

  4. Opportunities Amidst Crisis: Discussing how economic depressions can create opportunities in certain sectors or markets, and how individuals can position themselves to benefit from these opportunities.

  5. Personal Finance Tactics: Offering practical advice on managing personal finances during an economic downturn, including budgeting, reducing debt, and preserving financial stability.

  6. Business Strategies: For entrepreneurs or business owners, the book might provide insights into strategies for maintaining or growing businesses during challenging economic conditions.

  7. Psychological Aspects: Exploring the psychological impact of economic depressions on individuals and providing guidance on managing stress, fear, and making rational financial decisions.

  8. Government Policies and Impact: Discussing the potential impact of government policies and interventions during economic depressions and how these might affect individuals and businesses.

  9. Historical Context: Drawing lessons from past economic crises and how individuals and businesses navigated through them successfully.

  10. Long-Term Outlook: Discussing the potential duration, aftermath, and recovery strategies for a hypothetical future economic depression.

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ISBN-10 0-453006388
No of pages 208
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Book Publisher Penguin Books
Published Date 25 Aug 1988

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