Postscript : The Sequel To The Best Seller PS, I Love You

Cecelia Ahern


In Circulation

‘We desperately need your help Holly. Were running out of ideas and…’ she takes a breath in as if Summoning the energy, ‘all of us are running out of time.

when Holly Kennedy is approached by a group calling themselves the PS, I love you club, her safe existence is turned on its head.

Inspired by hearing about her late husband Gerry’s letters, the club wants Holly to help them with their own parting messages for their loved ones to discover after they've gone.

Holly is sure of one thing – no way is she being dragged back to the grief she has left behind. It’s taken seven years to reinvent herself, and she’s ready to move on with her life.

But Holly comes to realize that when you love someone, there’s always one more thing to say.

Language English
ISBN-10 0008336385
ISBN-13 9780008336387
No of pages 357
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher HarperCollins
Published Date 19 Sep 2019

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