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Jerry Della Femina



In 1970 Jerry Della Femina wrote this gossip-filled, insider's account of working on Madison Avenue during the golden age of advertising. It caused a sensation, became a bestseller and established itself as a cult classic. Years later it inspired the multi-award-winning drama 'Mad Men'.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Creativity is Key:

    • The book emphasizes the importance of creativity in advertising. Memorable and unique ideas stand out in the crowded advertising landscape.
  2. Understanding the Consumer:

    • Successful advertising involves a deep understanding of the target audience. Knowing what resonates with consumers and addressing their needs is crucial.
  3. The Power of Storytelling:

    • Effective advertising often involves telling a compelling story. Storytelling engages audiences emotionally and makes the message more memorable.
  4. Humor in Advertising:

    • The use of humor in advertising can be a powerful tool. Humorous ads tend to capture attention and leave a positive impression.
  5. Building a Brand Personality:

    • The book likely discusses the concept of building a distinctive brand personality. Consistency in messaging helps create a strong and recognizable brand.
  6. Client-Agency Relationships:

    • Developing and maintaining positive relationships between clients and advertising agencies is crucial for successful campaigns.
  7. Adapting to Cultural Changes:

    • The book might address the importance of staying attuned to cultural shifts and societal changes. Adapting to the evolving needs and values of the target audience is essential.
  8. The Impact of Visuals:

    • Visual elements play a significant role in advertising. Striking visuals can capture attention and enhance the overall impact of a campaign.
  9. Understanding Media Channels:

    • Effective advertising requires a good understanding of various media channels. Choosing the right platforms for reaching the target audience is essential.
  10. Measuring Advertising Effectiveness:

    • The book may touch upon methods for measuring the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Analyzing data and consumer responses helps in refining future strategies.
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Published Date 22 Jul 2010

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