Breathing Life: Yogi Coudoux's Pranayama Techniques

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For the first time ever,the world-famous wellness guru,Yogi Coudoux,unveils his incredible and unique breathing techniques. The Yogi Coudoux is an international celebrity.An athletic, sixty-two-year-old, he has such an absolute command of his body that he can remain underwater for as long as fifty-five minutes, locked in a transparent box without oxygen for up to six hours, and buried 300 feet underground for 24 hours! The Yogi is especially well-known in yoga circles.The son of a Tibetan yoga teacher,he opened his own yoga scchool shortly after arriving in France at the age of 20.Since then,he has invented a number of healthful pranayama practices and trained many of the world's best-known yoga instructors. The Yogi has had his own shows on Telemundo and other widely televised channels.This is the first time,however,that he has attempted to write about his remarkable techniques.In Breathing Life,he discusses the exercises he uses to stay in peak physical,emotional,and spiritual condition.His instrucctions for reproducing them are detailed but easy to follow.Photographs and line drawings are used throughout the book to demonstrate the postures. Here is a program anyone can use to build their confidence,self esteem,energy,flexibility,and achieve restful sleep and a better sex life while ending problems of anxiety,pain,stress,and anger.Above all,it,promises long-term wellness through self-knowledge and the mastery of self.

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Book Publisher Embassy Books
Published Date 01 Jan 2005

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