The Curse of Asi

Utkarsh Sharma



When Bhishma was on his death bed of arrows, Nakula, one of the Pandavas, out of curiosity, asked him about the strongest weapon that was ever created. Bhishma told him that ASI, created by Lord Brahma, would make its holder invincible. Now with the Akshobhyas, the ASI became the source of peace and power of the greatest kingdom in the whole Bharatvarsh. But with the power of ASI comes the curse which has ruined some of the most commendable rulers. But when a member of the Akshobhyam Empire decides to steal the ASI for his quest of vengeance and join hands with a familiar foe of the empire who returns in the final Great War to defeat the Akshobhyas, power, and peace of the Akshobhyas shall collapse.

Language English
ISBN-10 8194804485
ISBN-13 978-8194804482
No of pages 344
Book Publisher Leadstart Publishing Private Limited
Published Date 25 Nov 2020

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Author : Utkarsh Sharma


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