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Mushtaq Shiekh


In Circulation

One section of this story deals with the portrait of the artist as an individual, while the other would be an analytical commentary of his body of work and closer look at the Shah Rukh phenomenon through his films. The book argues on several premises including that of visual pleasure and the erotic gaze to explain the strongest points of attraction that a Shah Rukh film holds for the audience.

The book would argue that the films under discussion have an underlying theme that binds them into the skilled manipulation of visual pleasure and the subversion of the erotic into an acceptable mandate that nevertheless attracts the audience. The book talks about the emotions and economics of being the Shah Rukh Brand. The book would reveal a candid star talking unreservedly on his art and acting.

Shah Rukh Khan had stepped into the film world as an outsider, a young man who had lost his parents, seeking solace, work and passion in an alien world. Today, this outsider is the most familiar member in every fan's household. This book is therefore also the tale of a journey that led from a suburban housing colony in New Delhi into the homes, hearts and minds of innumerable fans all over the world, a journey that transcended boundaries of nations and the artificial barriers of culture.

Language English
ISBN-10 8187107618
ISBN-13 978-8187107613
No of pages 448
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Book Publisher Om Books
Published Date 01 Jan 2006

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