Lucknow Boy : A Memoir

Vinod Mehta



Lucknow Boy: A Memoir is the story of the author who grew up in Lucknow in the 1950s. He started off as an army brat, but then turned into a pseudo secularist in time. After getting a third class Bachelor of Arts degree, he left home and started experimenting with a variety of careers. He once worked a factory hand in the suburban part of Britain, after which he moved on to becoming the editor of a very popular magazine named Debonair. The next thirty years of the author's career saw him becoming a highly influential editor, who was able to launch several publications, which include Sunday Observer and Outlook.

This book chronicles his journey through the years, from his humble beginnings, to the accomplished editor that he is today. His intriguing accounts that have been given in this book make it an interesting read. He has also given his readers first-hand accounts of his meetings with various popular people, over the years, including exclusive trivia concerning them. The book also offers its readers valuable insight into matters pertaining to Indian politics and society. A number of the author's own successful stories have been listed here, including his media launches and his experiences in the world of Indian journalism.

All of this is helpful in giving the public an in-depth understanding of just what his struggle was like. The first edition of Lucknow Boy: A Memoir has been published by Penguin India, in the year 2011 and is available in hardcover. Key Features: The book comes with exclusive sneak-peeks into the political and social scene in India. The author has provided his readers with real-life happenings that are bound to motivate them in their own struggles.

Language English
ISBN-10 978-0-670-08529-3
No of pages 325
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher penguin
Published Date 09 Nov 2011

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