The Mastery Manual

Robin Sharma



A Life-Changing Guide for Personal and Professional Greatness


You have genius in you. And the fact you now hold this book is testimony that you are ready to translate your gifts and talents into reality. So you and our world rise.

This life-changing manifesto by legendary leadership and personal mastery expert Robin Sharma will show you how to:

■ Turn fear into fuel and procrastination into power

■ Leverage small daily wins into gargantuan victories

■ Reinvent yourself as an elite producer who dominates your field

■ Master your inner world to create a monumental outer one

■ Balance great achievements with rest, happiness and a beautiful spiritual life

■ Make your mark and leave a legacy

ROBIN SHARMA is a globally respected humanitarian. Widely considered one of the world’s top leadership and personal optimization advisors, his clients include famed billionaires, professional sports superstars and many Fortune 100 companies.

The author’s #1 bestsellers, such as The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, The Greatness Guide and The Leader Who Had No Title are in over 92 languages, making him one of the most broadly read writers alive today.

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Language English
ISBN-10 9788184954081
No of pages 191
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Jaico Books
Published Date 05 Feb 2015

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