Shakuntala – Women from India Mythology

Maharanee Sunity Devee



Shakuntala, a semi-divine princess, falls in love with Dushyanta, the king of Hastinapur. They marry in Kanva muni’s ashram. But Dushyanta has to go back to his kingdom to fulfil his kindly duties.

He gives Shakuntala his precious ring, promising to make her his queen when he will send his messenger to bring her back. But due to a curse by sage Durvasa, he forgets her. Will Shakuntala be able to bring back his memory? Will the lovers be reunited?

Read the timeless story of this resilient woman from the eyes of Maharanee Sunity Devee.

Language English
No of pages 28
Book Publisher Srishti Publishers & Distributors
Published Date 31 Jul 2021

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