Horn Ok Please The Scrotum Scrolls

Kartik Iyengar



Bring it on, Helga, we will HOP you like a hurricane! We, the morons of Planet Earth, shall save the world and 22 December 2012 will be the dawn of a brave new world In the second instalment of the Horn OK Please series, the 'morons', Chief Red bull,

Goose Goldsmith, Derek Demoniac and Hound Hitchhiker, are abducted by an alien race called the Scrotum Heads, who entrust them with a mission to locate the Scrotum Scrolls, ancient documents that contain the secrets to the Universe. According to the Mayan calendar,

doomsday is looming and the evil Hurricane Helga and her henchmen from Planet Ajaria are heading to destroy the planet on that very day, unless the morons can find the scrolls in time. With their trusty SUV, Motormouth, they must drive across the country in search of their destiny, unlock secret codes, discover hidden keys and battle aliens.

 From meeting shamans and opening intergalactic wormholes, from blowing up boats to groping naked statues, from surviving in harsh, cold mountainous climates to battling dry, desert heat, the morons must do it all. Quirky, fun and wildly imaginative, Horn OK Please: The Scrotum Scrolls is an indisputably hilarious read.

Language English
ISBN-10 978-81-291-2476-0
No of pages 258
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Rupa Publications India
Published Date 04 Nov 2013

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