A Bloody Bilateral Affair

Sreekant Narayan



When Aditya Narayan, a young software engineer from India, meets Laila, a beautiful Pakistani girl, on the beaches of Pattaya, little does he care about her nationality.

For him, it was love at first everything!

Laila tags along with Aditya to explore India, and he is the ever-gracious host. However, as Laila courts trouble at every step, Aditya’s mind brims with an unsettling question. What is Laila doing alone in a country which only sees her as an innate enemy?

Incidentally, Laila’s travels in India perk up someone else’s interests as well - The NIA.

In a web of intrigue, the romantic interlude turns into a hot pursuit by the Intelligence Agency. After all, in this small pretentious world, perhaps Laila is not just a tourist!

Join Aditya and Laila on their roller coaster ride through India for 30 exciting days, as they face a series of good, bad, and ugly adventures. A journey that can only be described as a Bloody Bilateral Affair!

Language English
ISBN-13 9789356672574
No of pages 256
Book Publisher Leadstart Publishing Private Limited
Published Date 14 Aug 2023

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Author : Sreekant Narayan


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