Investment Fables

Damodaran Aswath


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The world is full of investment stories: "Buy companies trading below book value, and you can't lose." "Buy stocks that are already going up." "Buy stocks with low P/Es." "Stick with quality companies and you'll do fine." "Buy after bad news." "Buy after good news." "Follow the insiders." "Do whatever Warren Buffett's doing." Investors have heard them all--but which ones hold up to critical examination? Do any of them? In this book, one of the world's leading investment researchers identifies 14 widely touted "investment stories," and the psychological reasons that make each story so compelling.

Then he runs the numbers?objectively. Has it worked over the long-term? Over the short-term? If it made sense once, does it still make sense? Are the promised benefits a statistical mirage? Can it contribute to any individual's investment strategy? Anyone who wants to make investment decisions more rationally, Aswath Damodaran's Investment Fables is utterly indispensable. For Sale in Indian subcontinent only Special Features: A hard-nosed, objective evaluation of today's most widely-touted investment strategies. Examines 14 common investment strategies and presents exactly what works--and what doesn't. Beyond anecdotes: run the numbers with one of the world's leading investment researchers and top-ranked business school professors Guidance on understanding the real opportunities and not-so-obvious risks associated with each strategy--and instruction on how to mitigate the risks. Table Of Contents: Introduction. High Dividend Stocks: Bonds with Price Appreciation?

This Stock Is So Cheap! The Low Price Earnings Story. Less than Book Value: What a Bargain? Stable Earnings, Better Investment? In Search of Excellence: Are Good Companies Good Investments? Grow, Baby, Grow!: The Growth Story. The Worst Is Behind You: The Contrarian Story. The Next Big Thing: New Businesses and Young Companies. Mergers and Returns: The Acquisitive Company. A Sure Thing: No Risk and Su

What will you learn from this book

  1. Market Efficiency Misconceptions: Challenges the idea of perfect market efficiency and highlights instances where markets are inefficient or mispriced.

  2. Value Investing Realities: Explores the realities and limitations of value investing principles in identifying undervalued stocks.

  3. IPOs and Market Timing: Examines the myths surrounding Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and the challenges of timing the market around IPO events.

  4. Dividend Policy Myths: Discusses various misconceptions related to dividend policies and their impact on shareholder value.

  5. Technical Analysis Critique: Explores the limitations and fallacies of technical analysis in predicting stock price movements.

  6. Behavioral Biases: Discusses behavioral biases and psychological factors that influence investment decisions and market behavior.

  7. Risk Management Fallacies: Explores misconceptions about risk management strategies and the challenges of accurately assessing and managing risk.

  8. Market Timing Myths: Critically examines the complexities and limitations of market timing strategies.

  9. Emerging Markets Misconceptions: Explores misconceptions about investing in emerging markets and the associated risks and opportunities.

  10. Company Valuation Realities: Highlights the complexities and challenges in accurately valuing companies and assets.

Language English
ISBN-10 9788177583274
ISBN-13 9788177583274
No of pages 540
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Book Publisher Pearson Education
Published Date 01 Jan 2004

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