The Purpose Revolution

John Izzo / Jeff Vanderwielen


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More and more, employees, customers and investors want their work and money to not only provide for their own material needs but to also help create a better world for all. Bestselling author John Izzo teams up with Jeff VanderWeilen to show leaders and companies how to transform their corporate culture so they can succeed in the midst of this Purpose Revolution. Discover the Purpose Advantage! Customers, employees and investors are no longer satisfied with companies providing good products, good prospects and good profits—they want them to do some social good, too.

These “purpose-driven” companies do better on nearly every traditional metric: greater customer loyalty, higher retention, more innovation and a healthier bottom line. But a nice mission statement and donations to charity won’t make your company stand out. Using scores of real-world examples and practical exercises, John Izzo and Jeff Vanderwielen help leaders find a truly authentic purpose, one that is a natural fit for them and their organization. They describe concrete actions leaders can take to ensure that employees own it, customers and recruits connect with it and every corporate action and activity reflects it.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Purpose-Driven Leadership: The book emphasizes the importance of aligning organizational goals with a deeper sense of purpose beyond profit, inspiring employees and stakeholders.

  2. Engagement through Purpose: Leaders can drive higher levels of engagement by articulating a clear and meaningful purpose that resonates with employees' values and motivations.

  3. Impact on Performance: Purpose-driven organizations tend to outperform others, as employees are more motivated, committed, and innovative when working towards a greater cause.

  4. Culture Transformation: The book explores how purpose-driven leadership can shape organizational culture, fostering collaboration, trust, and a sense of belonging among employees.

  5. Social Responsibility: Leaders are encouraged to integrate social responsibility into business strategies, creating positive impacts on society while also enhancing the company's reputation.

  6. Authenticity in Leadership: Authentic leadership is crucial in driving purpose. Leaders who genuinely believe in and embody the organization's purpose inspire others to follow suit.

  7. Employee Well-Being: Purpose-driven organizations prioritize employee well-being, recognizing that a sense of purpose contributes to overall job satisfaction and mental health.

  8. Adaptability and Innovation: Purpose-driven companies are more adaptable and innovative, as their purpose often aligns with addressing societal challenges, leading to creative problem-solving.

  9. Stakeholder Relationships: The book discusses how purpose-driven leadership strengthens relationships with stakeholders, including customers, investors, and communities.

  10. Continuous Evolution: Lastly, the book emphasizes that purpose isn't static. It evolves and adapts over time, requiring leaders to continually revisit and refine their organization's purpose.

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ISBN-10 1523099828
ISBN-13 9781523099825
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Book Publisher Berrett-Koehler Publisher
Published Date 30 Aug 2018

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