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David Hall



Fred Dibnah's World celebrates the life and work of Britain's best known steeplejack and national treasure, Fred Dibnhah. Before his death in 2004, Fred presented many popular series, including Magnificent MonumentsThe Age of Steam and Made in Britain, all of which attracted viewers in their millions.

Fred is the companion to the 12-part BBC2 series celebrating the life of this great man, which combines highlights from some of Dibnah's classic programmes with previously unseen footage. The book can of course go much further than the series, including an extraordinarily account of Fred's childhood which evokes a lost England and our great industrial heritage. Fred's passion for the glories of the Victorian age and his fascination with the landscape he grew up in, plus his admiration for the craftsmen and labourers who made it all possible, captivate us on every page. 

Fred is the personification of everything that made England great in the first place. And this is a glorious tribute to a man whom millions came to love.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Early Life and Career: The book explores Fred Dibnah's humble beginnings in Bolton, England, and his early experiences as a steam enthusiast and steeplejack, laying the foundation for his lifelong passion for industrial heritage.

  2. Steeplejack Extraordinaire: It highlights Dibnah's expertise as a steeplejack, known for his daring climbs and meticulous approach to chimney demolition and repair work, which earned him widespread recognition and respect in the industry.

  3. Preservation Efforts: Dibnah's dedication to preserving Britain's industrial heritage is a central theme, as he tirelessly campaigned for the restoration of historic steam engines, mills, and other industrial landmarks throughout his career.

  4. Television Career: The book discusses Dibnah's transition to television, where he became a beloved figure through documentaries and series such as "Fred Dibnah's Industrial Age," showcasing his expertise, humor, and passion for engineering.

  5. Authenticity and Character: Dibnah's down-to-earth demeanor, colorful anecdotes, and genuine enthusiasm for his work endeared him to audiences, making him a cultural icon and inspiring future generations of engineers and enthusiasts.

  6. Personal Life: It offers insights into Dibnah's personal life, including his relationships with family, friends, and colleagues, shedding light on the man behind the public persona.

  7. Challenges and Setbacks: The book delves into the challenges Dibnah faced throughout his life, including financial difficulties, health issues, and setbacks in his preservation efforts, underscoring his resilience and determination.

  8. Legacy: Dibnah's enduring legacy as a champion of industrial heritage and a beloved television personality is examined, as his influence continues to inspire appreciation for Britain's industrial past.

  9. Popularity and Impact: The book explores Dibnah's lasting popularity and cultural impact, as his documentaries and television appearances continue to entertain and educate audiences worldwide.

  10. Tributes and Remembrance: Finally, the book reflects on Dibnah's passing in 2004 and the outpouring of tributes and remembrances that followed, highlighting the lasting impression he left on the world of engineering and beyond.

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