Sundarkaand : Triumph Of Hanuman




“Ravan, the king of Lanka, has abducted and imprisoned Ram’s wife Sita. As they search for her, Ram and his brother Lakshman meet Sugreev, the king of the monkeys. In aid of Ram, Sugreev sends out search teams in all directions. One of the teams discovers that Sita is imprisoned in Lanka, the rich and splendid city of demons, across the southern sea. The wide and tumultuous sea poses a challenge. There is only one who can cross it and bring back news of Sita.

He is Hanuman, son of the Wind, advisor to Sugreev, and devotee of Ram. Based on an episode from the Ramcharitmanas by the poet Tulsidas, the story described here needs little introduction to readers familiar with the Indian epic of Ramayan. Hanuman is strong and invincible, but he is also a brave and loyal follower of Ram and is able to overcome all crises through his single-minded devotion.”

Language English
ISBN-13 9789380741703
No of pages 74
Book Publisher Campfire books
Published Date 01 Jan 2013

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Author : Tulsidas


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