What the CEO Really Wants from You: The 4 As for Managerial Success

R. Gopalakrishnan , Paul Polman , Ram Charan , Shanta


In Circulation

There are many books on leadership. What the CEO Really Wants from You is one of the few to address the question that is uppermost in the mind of any manager: What he should be doing to make his or her boss his partner rather than his opponent. We spend most of our lives at work or thinking about it. Starting from a young age, fired by boundless energy and optimism, we launch into our careers sure of our abilities. Yet, things do not always turn out as we expect they would.

It is not our abilities alone. The business environment is one of change and ambiguity. It is no easy task for any manager to negotiate the journey to success. As Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever, points out in his foreword, partnerships with others, but above all with your direct boss and organization, are more important than ever before. Not only that, a good boss has an instinct for the right people, and getting them to do better. A good manager, by eliciting his help, helps himself. Few people are better qualified to guide on this journey than R. Gopalakrishnan.

He brings forty-five years of experience to this subject in some of the most challenging jobs. In this immensely practical book informed by the wisdom he has gleaned over the years, he offers the reader the benefit of all he has learnt, summarized in the four As - Accomplishment, Affability, Advocacy and Authenticity. This is a book that will be of immense use to any manager, and one that just might bring him the answers it takes years to find - what the CEO really expects from him.

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What will you learn from this book

  1. Accountability: CEOs seek managers who take ownership and responsibility for their actions and decisions. Being accountable for outcomes and results is crucial in gaining trust.

  2. Achievement: Managers should focus on delivering tangible results and achieving set goals aligned with the company's vision and objectives.

  3. Adaptability: The ability to adapt to changing situations, market dynamics, and evolving business needs is essential. Managers who can pivot and adjust strategies accordingly are highly valued.

  4. Authenticity: Authenticity in behavior and decision-making is key. CEOs value managers who are genuine, honest, and transparent in their interactions.

  5. Strategic Thinking: Managers should demonstrate strategic thinking by understanding the big picture, anticipating trends, and making decisions aligned with long-term organizational goals.

  6. Leadership Skills: Effective managers display leadership qualities such as inspiring and motivating teams, empowering others, and fostering a positive work culture.

  7. Communication Skills: Clear and effective communication is critical. Managers should be adept at conveying complex ideas concisely and ensuring alignment among teams.

  8. Problem-Solving Ability: CEOs value managers who can identify problems, analyze situations, and provide innovative solutions to challenges faced by the organization.

  9. Continuous Learning and Improvement: Managers should have a commitment to continuous learning, upskilling, and adapting to new technologies and methodologies in their field.

  10. Building Relationships: Cultivating strong relationships internally and externally is important. Managers who can collaborate effectively with stakeholders, clients, and colleagues contribute significantly to the organization's success.

Language English
ISBN-10 978-93-5029-361-4
ISBN-13 9789351365211
No of pages 209
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher HarperCollins
Published Date 28 Sep 2012

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