Tinkle Double Digest No.188

Rajani , Thindiath



What’s Special?
• The Sultan’s courtiers are jealous of Nasruddin Hodja’s standing with the Sultan. So they devise a plot to embarrass him. Will they succeed? Find out in The Archer.

• Shikari Shambu takes his nephew to the one place where he thinks animals can’t get to him—the zoo. Unfortunately for him, the animals have a different plan.

• Tantri the Mantri believes Raja Hooja’s end has arrived. He has not one, but two plots to take down the king! But a rival ruler is also lurking, making it The Triple Conspiracy.

• Mahmud catches a thief in his house. But instead of punishing him, he lets him go. Mahmud believes One Good Deed Begets Another but is he right this time?

Language English
No of pages 178
Book Publisher Amar Chitra Katha
Published Date 01 Jan 2019

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Author : Thindiath


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