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Prashant Pinge

Raja, a golden brown stray mongrel, leads a carefree existence in Shivaji Park, spending his days lying under shady trees and chasing tennis balls. His friend P...


Rashmi Narzary

Ten-year-old Barsau lives in poverty but is far from being poor. He does not go to a fancy school but learns the best from nature. His domain is not wide, yet t...


Bane Singh

What ails Mother Earth? The answer can be found in the propensities of Man, her most gifted, but alas, also her most prodigal son. The world today may look to b...


Eswarappa Kasi , Julia Guenther

The independence movement – as well as its subsequent decades – is one of the most documented events in India, in which the questions of identity an...


Amit Singh

This thesis book is an attempt to explore the tussle between freedom of expression and religion in India. Based on a Case study with small sample size, this stu...


Nivedita Dwivedi

Through a combination of desk and field study, this research attempts to look at the curricular and pedagogic aspects of social science education being imparted...


Binu Mathew

We are all star dust. From the searing hot liquid magma inside the earth to the dying polar bears in the Arctic, from the rainbow in the sky to the enigmatic Mo...


Vijay Gaibi More

No study of this kind has been attempted so far. Here is an effort been made to study the resistance shown by the village society of Maharashtra during the Mara...


Vijay N. Shankar

There are over 300,000 dialysis patients in India and counting but there is a gaping void in the literature available to dialysis patients, apart from medical p...


Mona Verma

"Ma ke hath ka dal chawal (mother’s dal-rice), is what most Indians love when it comes to their all-time favourite food. The further Indians travel f...


Douglas Misquita

FBI Special Agent Kirk Ingram's life is torn apart when his family is brutally murdered before his eyes. Devastated physically and psychologically, he vows ...


M. H. Rahman

HALF LIFE is the FIRST EVER Indian novel with a complementary MUSIC ALBUM! The story: Parker Williamson has a dream to win back his lost property which ha...