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Sidney Sheldon

A power revered by presidents and kings, a fortune unsurpassed by few people on earth: all that ended for Harry Stanford the day he mysteriously-and fatally-plu...


Richard Bach

`Most gulls don't bother to learn more than the simplest facts of flight how to get from shore to food and back again,' writes author Richard Bach in th...


Alan Deutschman

"CHANGE OR DIE. What if you were given that choice? We're talking actual life and death now. Your own life and death. What if a well-informed, trusted ...

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Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

Please Explain Is the latest in Dr Karl's mega-selling science series which includes the best sellers Great Mythconceptions, Bum Breath, Botox and Bubbles a...

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Freya North

When you fall in love do you follow your heart or use your head? Thea Luckmore believes in love - the magic spark of true, old-fashioned, romantic love. She'...


Aanchal Malhotra

Remnants of a Separation is a unique attempt to revisit the Partition through objects that refugees carried with them across the border. These belongings absorb...

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Gautam Bhatia

We think of the Indian Constitution as a founding document, embodying a moment of profound transformation from being ruled to becoming a nation of free and equa...

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Abhijit Bhaduri

'A very useful book for all involved in the task of hiring high-potential talent' - Azim Premji, Chairman, Wipro Ltd Qualification, experience, competen...


S. Hussain Zaidi

Mumbai is in a state of chaos. All traffic signals across the entire city have stopped working. Shahwaz Ali Mirza, head of the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squ...


Devdutt Pattanaik

Why are Hindus so ritualistic? Why do they worship idols? Were Hindus always casteist? Are Hindus supposed to be vegetarian? Why is a Hindu prayer different fro...

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Gautam Baid

The Making of a Value Investor follows Gautam Baid's development as an investor during a brutal bear market, when he recorded his reflections, observat...

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Swapnil Pandey

Few possess greater courage, yet remain in oblivion, than the Indian Para Special Forces. To these brave officers, worthy owners of the Balidan badge, is entrus...

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