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Tamal Bandyopadhyay

“Tamla combines his financial knowledge, eye for detail, and an excellent storytelling style to create a vivid portrait of India’s most valued bank ...


Alexandra Harney

A landmark eyewitness exposé of how China's factory economy competes for Western business by selling out its workers, its environment, and its future...


G. K. Pillai

Many hurdles have delayed the implementation of VAT in India. This book presents the prominent features and the positive impact of VAT on the national economies...


Howard Green

Since 1855, when TD Bank’s predecessor, The Bank of Toronto, was founded by a group of flour millers and grain dealers, to the international conglomerate ...


Bharati V. Pathak

The Indian financial system is a complex amalgamation of various institutions, markets, regulations and laws, analysts, transactions, claims and liabilities. Th...


Anil K. Khandelwal

Dare to Lead is the fascinating story of how Anil K. Khandelwal transformed Bank of Baroda (BOB) from being just another public sector bank into one of the most...


Young David

A Manager's Guide To Creative Cost Cutting presents specific ways that companies can reduce costs without reducing staff, along with implementation plans an...


Sunil Gurjar

UP YOUR STOCK MARKET GAME WITH EASY-TO-LEARN BREAKOUT TRADING TECHNIQUES Embark on a thrilling and rewarding trading journey with bestselling author Sunil Gu...



Cost Reduction and Control Best Practices provides financial manages with no-nonsense, balanced, and practical strategies that are being targeted and used natio...

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Jack Brennan

Classic investment guidance for everyone As Chairman and CEO of one of the most respected mutual fund companies in the world, The Vanguard Group, Jack Brennan h...

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Bill Bonner and Addision Wiggin

In Empire of Debt, maverick financial writers Bill Bonner and Addison Wiggin provide you with the first in–depth look at how the American cha...

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David Apgar

Too many executives think risk management is strictly for technical specialists. In Risk Intelligence: Learning to Manage What We Don’t Know, David Apgar ...

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