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S.M. M. Ausaja

A rare compilation of hand-printed as well as digitalized landmark Hindi film posters from the 1930s to the present - both tracing the journey of an art form an...


Yasser Usman

Sanjay Dutt is the original bad boy of Bollywood. In the early 1980s, it was not uncommon to him passed out over the steering wheel of his car on a suburban roa...


Kishwar Desai

DARLINGJI THE TRUE LOVE STORY OF NARGI [paperback] Kishwar Desai [Jan 01, 2016] Readings and activities designed to help students improve their comprehension an...


Peter Brook

From King Lear to the Tragedy of Carmen, from Marat/Sade to the epic Mahabharata, Peter Brook has reinvented modern theatre, not once but again and again. In Th...

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Chris Smith & Christopher Lee

A detailed and fascinating tour through all of the major and minor conflicts that occur during the three parts of The Lord of the Rings Movie Trilogy. Battles, ...

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Alan Moore and David Lloyd

In a near-future Britain ruled by a totalitarian regime, Evey is rescued from certain death by a masked vigilante calling himself "V," a beguiling and...

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Stephen Davis

Jim Morrison, the lead singer of the famous band The Doors, is known for his poetic vision and insatiable appetite for spiritual, sexual and psychedelic experie...

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Lord Meghnad Desai

Nehru's Hero: Dilip kumar in the Life of India is an unusual book on Indian Cinema (1944-1964) that re-visits the Nehruvian era as reflected in the films of...

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Celine Dion

Now, in her own words, the most dynamic vocal talent of our time-the international singing sensation whose recordings have sold millions, and whose performances...

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Roger Ebert

Continuing the pitch-perfect critiques begun in The Great Movies, Roger Ebert's The Great Movies II collects 100 additional essays, each one of them a gem o...

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Jude Fisher

Fully illustrated visual guide to the third in the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy The Return of The King Visual Companion takes the reader on their own jour...

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