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Annabel Karmel

Worried about feeding your baby bland processed purees? Having problems getting your child to eat? Do your children only eat junk food? Many parents find that a...


John Croyle

New Economy Edition Many parents I meet, "" says John Croyle, ""feel discouraged and defeated in their relationships with their children. Th...


Aniruddha N Malpani

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Every child is different. As is every mother and her needs. That’s why at mothercare, we don’t generalise. We specialise. With sound advice and prod...


Jesse Jayne Rutherford

Dealing with defiant children can be frustrating, time-consuming, and emotionally exhausting for parents and kids alike. But with this practical, reassuring han...


Hansa Yogendra

Child Birth is an event. An entrance into this big wide, wonderful world of ours. The human Child is one of the most dependent creatures and parenthood  ...


T.L. Devaraj

This book helps you identify the type of body you have, and the kind of food, exercise and relief methods that are required to maintain and improve your health....


Gita Aravamudan

The baby makers are many. The couples who supply the genetic material, the embryologists who create test-tube babies, the gynecologists who insert embryos into ...


Rebecca Rutledge

Welcome to the wonderful world of toddlers- As your toddler grows and explores the world, every day brings new adventures and bonding opportunities. The P...


Ellen Sue Stern

A Companion for the Journey of Pregnancy. From the moment of conception, an expectant mother begins a life-changing journey. The 40 weeks of daily reflection...


Mayo Clinic

This new Mayo Clinic book on pregnancy provides you with practical information and reassurance on pregnancy and childbirth. Compiled by Mayo Clinic experts in o...


Anne Charlish , Kim Devies

This definitive guide offers a balanced and comprehensive approach, combining natural therapies with conventional options and up-to-the-minute research. The bio...