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Ruzbeh N Bharucha

Yumana Gently Weeps is the story of one of the biggest and oldest slums in Delhi and in India, called Yamuna Pushta. A slum that gave shelter to 1,50,000 people...

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Sudarshan Bhutani

In this book, Sudarshan Bhutani, who served in the Indian Embassy in China during 1957-62, critically narrates the political and diplomatic circumstances which ...

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Howard Zinn & David Barsamian

Historian, activist, and bestselling author Howard Zinn has been interviewed by David Barsamian for public radio numerous times over the past decade. Original Z...

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Ari Fleischer

The early years of the twenty-first century were a tumultuous time in America. The country faced a hotly contested presidential election, the largest terrorist ...

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Bob Greene

“What if you set off on a vacation trip in search of history—and your destination was the men who had been president?” Asking himself that ...

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Bimal Jalan

As recently as a decade ago, the prospect of India becoming a developed country any time soon seemed a distant possibility. Since then, however, there has been ...

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Prem Shankar Jha

This book examines the economic transformation of three of the largest countries in the world - Russia, China and India. Prem Shankar Jha traces the problems th...

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James Martin

A devastating analysis of where our world is headed, and a powerful prescription for change — from the Pulitzer Prize-nominated author of The Wired Societ...

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Michael Moore

The follow-up to the hugely successful STUPID WHITE MEN timed to coincide with the runup to the 2004 US presidential election, its intent to make sure there is ...

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Rudrangshu Mukherjee

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (1869-1948) was born in Porbander on the western coast of India. His childhood and early upbringing were undistinguished but as an ad...

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Riccardo Orizio

What happened to the great dictators of contemporary history, responsible for some of its most gruesome chapters? And do they still seem as terrifying as when t...

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Kevin Philllips

An acerbic, withering account of the ascent of the Bush family to the pinnacle of the American political and social elite and the implications of the dynasty...

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