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Adam L Penenberg

Here's how it works: you read a book you enjoy and you tell a friend. That friend tells another friend, the next friend tells the next, and so on and so for...



The Best of Speaking Tree, Volume 3, is the result of the immense popularity of the book's first two volumes. Carefully selected from the column "The S...


Philip Chacko , Christabelle & Sujata Agarwal

This is the story of the Nano, the Rs1-lakh wonder, and how it came to be. This book tells the story of how that dream was realised.


P.G. Wodehouse

A P.G. Wodehouse novel Young Jerry West has a few problems. His uncle Crispin is broke and employs a butler who isn't all he seems. His other uncle Willo...


Stephen Hawking

In the last thirty years of his life Albert Einstein searched for a unified theory - a theory which could describe all the forces of nature in a single framewor...


Pinki Virani

In Aruna s Story, journalist Pinki Virani has recreated the real-life tragic events of Aruna Shanbaug, a nurse who once worked at King Edward Memorial Hospital....


Fritjof Capra

Here is the book that brought the mystical implications of subatomic physics to popular consciousness for the very first time--way back in 1975. This special ed...


Max Landsberg

A bestselling business title on how to unlock the potential of people by applying the techniques of coaching. Coaching is the key to realising the potential of ...


J dey

Three informers. Murky bylanes that hold the key to deadly terror plots. The chase for India's most wanted terrorist. The lives of three of Mumbai Police...


Sunil Gupta

Living on the 'Adge' in Jhande Walan Thompson is a Bill-Bryson-esque tale of Sunil Gupta's twenty-three-year-long expedition Through the Looking Gla...


Jug Suraiya

“In many ways, Calcutta — or at least, the Calcutta I knew — found an apt metaphor in a derelict, tuneless piano: once grand and imposing, but...


Jeremy Clarkson

The world is an exciting and confusing place for Jeremy Clarkson - a man who can find the overgrown schoolboy in us all. In the world according to Clarkson, one...