Organizational Culture and Leadership (5th Edition)

Edgar H. Schein & Peter Schein



Regarded as one of the most influential management books of all time, Organizational Culture and Leadership transforms the abstract concept of culture into a tool that managers and students can continually use to better shape the dynamics of organization and change. Focusing on today's business realities, Schein draws on a wide range of contemporary research to redefine culture and demonstrate the crucial role leaders play in successfully applying the principles of culture to achieve their organizational goals.

He tackles the complex question of how an existing culture can be changed - one of the toughest challenges of leadership. The result is a vital aid to understanding and practicing organizational effectiveness.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Culture Definition and Formation: Understanding that organizational culture is deeply rooted in shared beliefs, values, assumptions, and behaviors within an organization.

  2. Role of Leadership in Culture: Recognizing that leaders play a crucial role in shaping and maintaining organizational culture through their actions, decisions, and communication.

  3. Levels of Organizational Culture: Exploring the various levels of organizational culture, including artifacts and visible aspects, espoused values, and underlying assumptions.

  4. Culture Assessment and Diagnosis: Methods and tools for assessing and diagnosing organizational culture to understand its strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.

  5. Culture Change and Transformation: Strategies and approaches to intentionally change or transform organizational culture, acknowledging the challenges and processes involved.

  6. Alignment with Strategy and Goals: Aligning organizational culture with the strategic direction and goals of the company for greater effectiveness and success.

  7. Cultural Diversity and Inclusion: Embracing diversity and fostering an inclusive culture to leverage different perspectives and talents within the organization.

  8. Employee Engagement and Performance: Understanding the influence of culture on employee engagement, satisfaction, and performance.

  9. Communication and Collaboration: Highlighting the importance of open communication, collaboration, and teamwork in shaping and reinforcing organizational culture.

  10. Sustaining a Healthy Culture: Strategies to sustain a healthy organizational culture over time, ensuring it adapts to changing environments while preserving its core values.

Language English
ISBN-10 9788126566679
ISBN-13 9788126566679
No of pages 408
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Book Publisher Wiley
Published Date 01 Jan 2017

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