Sack The Ceo

Jeetendra Jain



Sack The CEO is humorous edutainment at its best.... or should one say at its sharpest? Jeetendra Jain makes his debut in the world of corporate fiction with an accurate portrayal of the many ills that plague the contemporary corporate world. The numerous ailments that run the corridors of corporations and companies could besiege organizations anywhere. Join Smallfry, Fastrack and Takeiteasy in their search for a cleaner corporate world. They pull out their big guns in a desperate, last-ditch bid to get rid of the corrupt CEO, Mr. Topgun! While analyzing the scenario with a scalpel as sharp as his humour, Jain adopts a novel and interesting way of dealing with them. The proposed treatment is innovative and potent. If you are an employee in an organization this book is definitely worth looking at. And, if you are the CEO, this is a MUST read. You won't put it down till its thrilling end. And it will set you thinking.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Leadership Accountability: Emphasize the importance of leadership accountability and responsibility in steering a company's success or failure.

  2. Strategic Vision and Planning: Highlight the significance of a clear strategic vision and effective planning for sustainable growth and competitive advantage.

  3. Organizational Culture and Values: Discuss the impact of a strong and positive organizational culture on employee morale, productivity, and overall performance.

  4. Change Management: Address the challenges of implementing organizational change and strategies to navigate resistance while fostering adaptability.

  5. Performance Evaluation and Metrics: Emphasize the role of performance evaluation and measurable metrics in assessing leadership effectiveness and business performance.

  6. Stakeholder Engagement: Discuss the importance of engaging stakeholders, including employees, shareholders, and customers, in decision-making processes.

  7. Innovation and Adaptability: Highlight the need for innovation and adaptability to thrive in a rapidly changing business environment.

  8. Ethical Leadership: Stress the significance of ethical leadership, corporate governance, and integrity in maintaining trust and reputation.

  9. Succession Planning: Discuss the importance of succession planning and developing future leaders within an organization.

  10. Learning from Failures: Encourage a culture of learning from failures and setbacks as opportunities for growth and improvement.

Language English
ISBN-10 8125914536
ISBN-13 9788125914532
No of pages 250
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Vikas Publishing House
Published Date 15 Nov 2003

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Author : Jeetendra Jain

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