India Arriving: How This Economic Powerhouse Is Redefining Global Business

Rafiq Dossani



Once the jewel in the crown of the formidable British Empire, India has been surrounded by myth for years. After gaining independence in 1948, this often misunderstood country found itself faced with a new sense of freedom - and along with it, enormous burdens and challenges. While exotic, mysterious, and seductive, it has also become an economic force to be reckoned with. With the fourth largest economy in the world, the largest youth population on Earth, and a thriving middle class, India is the second-most-preferred destination for foreign investment.

 But very few Americans truly understand what a rich and powerful country it has become - or its role as a global power, center of outsourcing, and potential partner with the United States. From the country's thriving film industry to its burgeoning high-tech industry as well as its attempts to stabilize its economy, "India Arriving" offers a fascinating glimpse into the real India, with all of its assets and all of its faults.Author, Rafiq Dossani goes beneath the veil surrounding India and explores the many ways it has begun to emerge onto the world stage.

 He explores its birth as an independent nation and forces like political shifts, social reform, and education that have helped to shape a new India. Honest and revelatory, "India Arriving" provides a deeper understanding of a country that promises to be the next major player in the world economy.

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Published Date 01 Oct 2007

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