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Gerard H Gus - Gaynor

"Companies depend on the ability of managers to fulfill organizational vision and meet crucial objectives. But without a firm grasp of critical management compe...

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Ron Hira & Anil Hira

Still one of the hottest, most controversial topics in the news is the outsourcing of American jobs to other countries. Outsourced jobs have extended well beyon...

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Larry Johnson & Bob Phillips

WorldCom. Enron. Tyco. Shocking accusations of dishonesty and silent complicity have dominated headlines recently, and cost the American economy trillions of do...

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Raymond L Manganelli & Brian W Hagen

In order to truly maximize shareholder value, strategic decisions must be considered from four closely integrated perspectives - that of the business model, the...


Brian Tracy , Campbell Fraser

Those who have been lucky enough to have Brian Tracy as their personal coach have transformed their lives and careers, increased their incomes, and dramatically...


Kelvin F Cross

Specific problems require targeted solutions! Improving business processes, whatever or wherever they are in the enterprise, is an acknowledged way of improving...


Alfred Beerli and Svenja Falk

Top minds from Accenture headline an all-star lineup of strategy and information experts from business and academia. How can companies ensure that the informati...


Terry R Bacon & David G Pugh

In an age where even the best products are quickly imitated, businesses must constantly find new ways to outpace competitors. Successful companies differentiate...


Susan Feitelberg

"Are your bills bloated, your savings scrawny, and your investments sluggish and lazy? This book presents a program for prioritizing, goal-setting, and follow-u...

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Donna Fluss

Companies looking for a competitive edge must convert their reactive, cost-laden contact programs into proactive, revenue-generating, “real-time” co...


Al Golin

To flourish, companies must regain (or build from scratch) the bonds of trust that will encourage the public's confidence. This text offers time-tested strategi...


Howard M Guttman

Left unchecked, conflict that starts in the boardroom can very quickly infect entire organizations and compromise productivity and morale. Guttman provides a wo...