Building A Partnership With Your Boss (A Take-Charge Assistant Book)

Jerry Wisinski


In Circulation

The Boss and The Assistant. It's a basic business relationship, and the structure is easy: The Boss gives orders, and The Assistant obeys. But there's an alternative that's better for both assistant and boss, and it's called "partnership." In this eye-opening book, assistants learn how they can break out of old, narrow roles and enjoy working with a boss instead of for a boss.

This change liberates creativity and self-confidence, and reveals hidden skills and interests. It also makes an assistant more valuable (and promotable) to the boss and the company. Readers learn specific techniques for how to: * initiate the transition to a partnering relationship * understand their boss's work style and adapt to it -- without losing their sense of self * become a proactive worker who takes responsibility for mistakes and credit for successes

Language English
ISBN-10 9780814470138
No of pages 113
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Amacom
Published Date 16 Dec 1998

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