The Mammoth Book Of Wild Journeys

Jon E Lewis



Today's wildest journeys are in reality not so different from the days of classic exploration. Modern challenges continue to be measured in terms of both physical and psychological dangers, with the adventure traveler combing not only the globe's far corners but also the human interior--the "naked soul" of man and woman.

Here is the first collection of all-modern, 20th- and 21st-century adventure travel writing. It includes Tim Cahill's account of exploring Yellowstone, Kim Salak's trek in 2002 to meet the stone-age peoples of New Guinea, Nick Danziger's crossing the mountains of Soviet Afghanistan disguised as a Muslim, and Theodore Roosevelt's rafting down an unknown tributary of the Amazon.

The Mammoth Book of Wild Journeys is full of hair-raising tales of adventure from all around the globe

Language English
ISBN-10 1-84529-153-0
No of pages 534
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Robinson
Published Date 25 Aug 2005

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