The Adventures Of Little Kanya: The Sonic Reverberator

Ashwini R Sane



When the Gods fail to stop Evil from taking over the world, the Goddess Arises! When the attempt to stop the demon Asur, Tarakth, from becoming all-powerful fails, the Goddess explodes herself with the Asur to put an end to the world of sins. But Evil is never purged so readily. Then the Gods devise another plan. The world shall regenerate and the Goddess will arise once more. Three Queens are chosen, who vow to guard the celestial seed from which shall arise the Little Kanya. She will be protected by the A-Tithi’s, the ones with eternal life, and others selected to help her in her task. Not knowing her true destiny, the little Kanya, Isha, grows up in an orphanage in Kolkata, to fulfil her chosen task as saviour of the world. But Evil is also manifesting and searching for her, to vanquish her and prevent her from gaining complete power.

Join Isha and the three Queens in their first exciting adventure filled with danger and journey through the realms of space, the dry sands of Mesopotamia, climb the lofty Himalayas, wander through the magical by-lanes of Colaba, and enter a school in Kolkata to find out the end of what began eons ago


shwini R Sane is a writer of science fiction fantasy books with a dash of mythology. She is a professional ‘Mom’ who can tell a good story. She has a MA Sociology and is a double graduate in International Hospitality and Tourism from Austria and BA (Economics, Pol. Sci, Psy, Hist. and Eng. Lit). Having travelled with her father in Diplomatic Corps of India she has studied in different schools around the world. She was a visiting faculty in management for post graduate students in India.

Language English
No of pages 206
Book Publisher Vishwakarma Publications
Published Date 01 Jan 2022

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Author : Ashwini R Sane


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