Swipe Right for Love

Mriana Sanash



Meet commitment-phobic Mahira, a bridal wear designer, whose idea of fun is pub-hopping and meeting cute guys on Tinder; until she meets Anirudh.

Meet boy-next-door Anirudh, an engineer, who loves to slice carrots into thin juliennes. His idea of a date is just a number on the calendar; until he meets Mahira.

Would this be the end of Mahira’s Tinderonicles? Would Anirudh be able to look over his kitchen bliss to find someone special?

As their situation-ship (relationship plus the rules) takes a nasty turn, Mahira and Anirudh stand to lose everything they love.
Rules are shattered. Recipes go wrong.

Will Mahira understand that love cannot be bound by rules before it’s too late?

Will Anirudh go beyond the book to create the perfect recipe for love?

This love story will leave you with split ends.

Language English
ISBN-13 9789356675568
No of pages 236
Book Publisher Leadstart Publishing Private Limited
Published Date 14 Aug 2023

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Author : Mriana Sanash


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