Dreams and Their Interpretation Made Easy

Dr Francis A Menezes



A step-by-step journey into the mysterious world of dreams with India's foremost dream psychologist. In simple, easy to understand language. Dr Francis A. Menezes introduces you to seven practical ways by which you can interpret your dreams.

Understand how your dreams relate to your waking life in the workplace, at home and in relationships. Using methods that have been successfully adapted by leading dream therapists the world over, Dr Menezes explains the esoteric experience of telepathic, precognitive and past life dreams, as well as messages received from the dead through dreams.

He also helps you in dealing with nightmares and negative dreams. Of lasting value to the reader Dr Menezes guidelines on how to unlock the healing power of dreams, and use them as a positive force in your life.

Language English
ISBN-10 81-7436-353-X
ISBN-13 978-8174363534
No of pages 261
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Lotus Roli
Published Date 31 Dec 2005

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Author : Dr Francis A Menezes

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