Eat That Frog

Brian Tracy


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Time management is the biggest problem most of us face today. Whether it is our personal or professional times, the best of us have been caught procrastinating at times. That's when you need to eat that frog – at least that's what author Brian Tracy tells us in this book.

In today's high pressure world, all of us are driven to prove ourselves and accomplish that elusive success in life. From homemakers who have converted themselves into supermoms to executives who turn ruthless in their bid to climb up the career ladder, everybody knows that the key ingredient to getting things done is time management. And here is where a copy of Eat that Frog! 21 Great Ways To Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time can help you.

In the book, the author points out that the best way to manage our time is to first complete the task that you have been dreading the most. The most challenging task – or it could also be the most boring task – is what often proves to be the stumbling block. Once that is out of the day, the rest of the day will run smoothly.

Apart from this, the book also outlines 21 different ways in which you can learn to manage time better. The second edition of this book contains several revisions and a special focus on how to prevent technology from encroaching too much into our time.

General Reception and Other Adaptations

Eat that Frog! has sold more than 450,000 copies worldwide. The book has been translated into several languages. There is also an audio CD version of the book.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Prioritize Tasks - Identify your most important tasks and prioritize them based on their impact and urgency.

  2. Eat the Frog - Start your day by tackling your most challenging or important task (the "frog") first, rather than procrastinating on it.

  3. Focus on High-Value Activities - Spend more time on activities that contribute the most to your goals and success.

  4. Set Clear Goals - Define clear and specific goals to guide your actions and decision-making.

  5. Plan and Organize - Use planning and organizational tools to manage your time effectively and stay on track.

  6. Manage Distractions - Minimize distractions and interruptions to maintain focus and productivity.

  7. Develop Good Habits - Cultivate habits that support productivity and success, such as time-blocking and regular review of goals.

  8. Take Action - Overcome procrastination by taking immediate action on tasks rather than delaying them.

  9. Continuous Improvement - Strive for continuous improvement in your productivity habits and workflows.

  10. Celebrate Achievements - Acknowledge and celebrate your accomplishments to stay motivated and inspired.

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Published Date 16 May 2001

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