The Winner & The Simple Truth

David Baldacci


THE WINNER : The popular Baldacci hits pay dirt big time with his entertaining thriller The Winner. When the enigmatic Mr. Jackson approaches LuAnn Tyler, a young, indigent mother of one, and guarantees her the $100 million national lottery prize, all of her prayers, or possibly all of her fears, become reality. THE SIMPLE TRUTH : Twenty-five years ago, Rufus Harms was convicted of a murder he knows he committed. But when his memory is jogged by a letter from the army, he has a shocking realization: he's not guilty. From prison, Rufus secretly files an appeal with the Supreme Court, unaware that the real killers are on to him. But the long-time convict knows he's running out of time when the Supreme Court clerk, who is the first to see Rufus's appeal, and Harms's lawyer are murdered. Sprung from prison by his brother, Rufus must now elude capture long enough to expose a shocking cover-up and save his own life.
Language English
ISBN-10 978-0-330-45779-8
No of pages 1056
Book Publisher Pan Books
Published Date 30 Nov -0001

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