The Essays of Warren Buffett - 4th Edition

Lawrence A. Cunningham


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Readers of Warren Buffett's letters to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders have gained an enormously valuable informal education in the art of investing. Broad in scope and Long on wisdom Buffett's letters explain his principles on sound investing selecting managers valuing businesses using financial information profitably and other vital topics for investors.

This newly updated fourth edition includes Buffett's latest wisdom on such topics as the financial crisis the housing bubble corporate governance Berkshire Hathaway S acquisition of burlington northern Santa crafted the role of oversight in heavily regulated industries today S best investing opportunities and the weaknesses of popular option valuation models.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Investment Philosophy: Explores Buffett's investment philosophy, focusing on long-term value investing, fundamental analysis, and the importance of a margin of safety.

  2. Business Principles: Discusses Buffett's principles for evaluating businesses, including assessing competitive advantages, management quality, and economic moats.

  3. Risk Management: Emphasizes the importance of risk assessment, minimizing risks, and preserving capital in investment decisions.

  4. Capital Allocation: Provides insights into Buffett's approach to capital allocation, including decisions on reinvestment, acquisitions, and dividend policy.

  5. Corporate Governance: Discusses Buffett's views on corporate governance, shareholder rights, executive compensation, and ethical business practices.

  6. Market Behavior: Addresses market fluctuations, irrational behavior, and the importance of maintaining a rational and disciplined approach to investing.

  7. Economic Insights: Provides commentary on economic trends, cycles, inflation, and their impact on investment decisions.

  8. The Power of Compounding: Highlights the significance of compounding returns and the long-term benefits of patient investing.

  9. Learning from Mistakes: Acknowledges mistakes made in investments and the importance of learning from errors.

  10. Philosophy on Success: Shares Buffett's broader philosophy on success, wealth, integrity, and living a fulfilling life beyond financial gains.

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Published Date 30 Jan 2015

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