John F. Kennedy on Leadership: The Lessons and Legacy of a President

John A Barnes


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Today’s business leaders have much in common with President Kennedy. They face monumental decisions in unpredictable times; their actions have implications far beyond their own organisations; and they are judged mercilessly and incessantly by their constituents and the media. John F. Kennedy on Leadership analyses what made Kennedy, both before and during his Presidency, a unique and dominant force who would serve as the standard by which future leaders would be judged.

• JFK is one of the most dynamic (and beloved) presidents ever, and though there have been countless books published about him, none exist on the leadership lessons that can be learned from the man and his presidency

• Barnes is a recognized, highly regarded journalist and commentator

• Timed to coincide with what would have been JFK’s 88th birthday (May 29th)

What will you learn from this book

  1. Charismatic Leadership: Kennedy was known for his charisma and ability to connect with people. His charm and engaging communication style helped him build strong connections with both the public and political figures.

  2. Inspirational Vision: Kennedy was adept at articulating a compelling vision for the future. His famous speeches, including the inaugural address, reflected his commitment to ideals such as freedom, peace, and progress.

  3. Crisis Management: Kennedy's handling of critical events, such as the Cuban Missile Crisis, showcased his ability to navigate high-pressure situations and make decisions that prioritized national security.

  4. Pragmatism and Flexibility: Kennedy demonstrated a pragmatic approach to governance, adapting his policies to changing circumstances. This flexibility allowed him to respond to evolving challenges.

  5. Advocacy for Civil Rights: Kennedy played a significant role in advancing civil rights by advocating for equal treatment and opportunities for all Americans, despite facing challenges in implementing legislative changes.

  6. International Diplomacy: Kennedy engaged in diplomatic efforts to manage the complexities of the Cold War, pursuing initiatives aimed at easing tensions with the Soviet Union and promoting global stability.

  7. Space Exploration and Innovation: Kennedy's commitment to space exploration, as exemplified by the goal of landing a man on the moon, reflected his interest in scientific advancement and innovation.

  8. Public Service and Idealism: Kennedy inspired a sense of public service and idealism, encouraging citizens to contribute to their communities and strive for a better future.

  9. Youthful Energy and Vitality: Kennedy's youthful energy and vitality brought a sense of optimism to his presidency, appealing to a new generation of Americans.

  10. Legacy of Inspiration: Even after his tragic assassination in 1963, Kennedy's legacy continued to inspire subsequent generations, with his speeches and leadership style often cited as examples of effective political leadership.

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