Customer Genius.

Peter Fisk



Customer Genius offers you a more intelligent and imaginative approach to customers. It starts from how customers see the world, what they seek to achieve and the context in which they see your business as part of that activity or ambition. It reaches deeper into the customer psyche, reaching beyond superficial research averages, beyond articulating needs and wants based on convention, to what motivates and inspires them and as a result, learns to work on their terms, inverting the way we do business, pull rather than push, understanding where, when and how they want to do work with us.

It recognizes that customers expect companies to do more for people, to go beyond the product, the transaction, to add more value to their lives, helping them to achieve what they couldn't otherwise. They will return this commitment, through trust and loyalty, not through incentives and rewards, but through becoming an essential and enabling part of their lives. Customer Genius gives you the knowledge, capabilities and inspiration to address your relevant customer challenges in practical and profitable ways.

Language English
ISBN-10 9788126523450
No of pages 383
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Book Publisher Wiley India Pvt Ltd
Published Date 25 Sep 2009

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