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Kevin Eikenberry

  Remarkable Leadership is a book about leadership but not a specific philosophy. It is a book that joins leadership skill development with learning pri...


Dave Evans

Describes how to incorporate social media into an active part of a marketing plan.

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Peter Fisk

Customer Genius offers you a more intelligent and imaginative approach to customers. It starts from how customers see the world, what they seek to achieve and t...


Leo M Tilman

Today's complex economic and financial landscape requires an expanded skill set on the part of finance professionals, executives, regulators and policy make...


Ken Fisher

Did you know that nearly every investment scam ever perpetrated was easily detected and more easily avoided? While Madoff may be a criminal, the greater crime i...

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Philip Kotler

Over the years, marketing has mutated through three stages. Many of today's marketers still practice marketing 1.0, some practice marketing 2.0 and a few ar...


David Meerman Scott

The Internet has profoundly changed the way businesses communicate with current and potential customers. In the old days, marketers could only communicate throu...


Vicky Ward

Vicky Ward shows readers inside the rarefied air of Wall Street where even top CEOs are often left gasping for air amid the high stakes world of finance surviva...

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Chris Treadaway & Mari Smith

Facebook Marketing: An Hour a Day is the ultimate step-by-step guide to developing a winning Facebook strategy, implementing the campaign and then measuring and...


Don Sexton


Claudio Fernandez Araoz

Great People Decisions is an essential strategy guide for managers, executives and HR professional. This is the first book that looks at hiring and promoting gr...


Kevin Dowd & Martin Hutchinson

  Over the last thirty years, capital markets have been restructured through the tenets of modern finance. This has been enormously profitable for the f...

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