The World That AI Made

Toby Walsh


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In 2062, world-leading researcher Toby Walsh considers the impact AI will have on work, war, economics, politics, everyday life and, indeed, even human death. Will automation take away most jobs? Will robots become conscious and take over? Will we become immortal machines ourselves, uploading our brains to the cloud? How will politics adjust to the post-truth, post-privacy digitised world? When we have succeeded in building intelligent machines, how will life on this planet unfold? What lies in store for homo digitalis—the people of the not-so-distant future who will be living amongst fully functioning artificial intelligence?

Based on a deep understanding of technology, 2062 describes the choices we need to make today to ensure that the future remains bright.


‘As Toby Walsh convincingly puts it, “the golden age of philosophy is just about to begin”—a testament to both the richness and the urgency of the questions that confront us between now and 2062. This is a compelling invitation to imagine the future we want, and a lively provocation to make it happen.’—Brian Christian, author of The Most Human Human and co-author of Algorithms to Live By

Language English
ISBN-10 938995813X
ISBN-13 978-9389958133
No of pages 312
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Book Publisher Speaking Tiger Books
Published Date 25 Mar 2020

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